Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote is Not Working

IsĀ  your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote not working properly? This is actually a common problem. There are many different solutions to this problem that you can try. Please let us know afterwards which solution worked for you – we’ll be happy to hear more, and post your solution to the website.

Here is one thing a site visitor tried. This worked for a number of site visitors, so see if it works for you:

  • Turn off the power with the remote. Within 30 seconds of turning the power back on again, hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds and this will perform a reset.
  • Did you try replacing the batteries in the remote, as well as removing them and putting them back in again?
  • Did you check the dip switches? Are the dip switches set correctly? If the dip switch settings are changed, the remote won’t be able to communicate with the fan.
  • Try turning the circuit breaker off to the fan, then turn it back on. Hold down the light or fan button for 10 seconds.
  • Try putting the dip switches back into the original position, turn the light switch off. Then, hold the off button for 10 seconds. Turn the light switch back on again. Does the remote work now?

These steps ultimately take into account the idea that the remote needs to be reset, but the dip switches also need to be set correctly. Sometimes, these steps mentioned work to clear any logic settings that may be misbehaving with the remote and the receiver.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote
An example of a Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote. There are many to choose from when browsing for a replacement remote – if that’s what you’re after.

Other reasons why the remote is not working, includes the concept that the receiver may have failed. If the above troubleshooting fails, the next step is to get a ladder out and take a look at the receiver. If you’re not sure how to access the receiver, it’s located inside the canopy. The canopy is just above the lights and below the blades inside of your ceiling fan housing. If the receiver unit appears to be damaged, or melted slightly, it needs to be replaced. A replacement receiver can be purchased at a local retailer, and are generally inexpensive around $30.

Here’s a video which outlines these reset instructions. Take a look at the 14:46 mark for the reset instructions.

Hampton Bay Littleton 42 In. Ceiling Fan Review

Hampton Bay Littleton 42.in is one of the most amazing and extravagantly delightful fans in the market.

The Hampton Bay Littleton Ceiling Fan comprises of 4 sharp edges that can be turned around too in smooth completions of pecan and dull oak which adds to the style.

The exceptional vitality effective light unit innovation permits upgraded lightning and home stylistic layout nearby protection of vitality to limit the bills.

  • Four reversible cutting edges, white or dyed oak
  • Off-white glass light unit that is vitality effective
  • Perfect for rooms up to 100 Square Feet (10 ft by 10 ft)
  • Indoor 42-inch 4-cutting edge ceiling fan perfect for room or lounge room
  • Standard mount framework and reversible wind stream

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. Ceiling Fan Review

Introduced with reversible cutting edges empowering inverse pivot, the fan means the excellence of your room by its white and dyed oak complete the same. Considering the fan cutting edge size, this fan is perfect for littler rooms up to 20 ft. x 20 ft. as it radiates a sensible measure of air.

  • 5 reversible cutting edges with the white completion on one side and dyed oak complete on the other
  • 3-speed reversible control for adaptable wind stream
  • Flush mount establishment empowering utilization even in rooms with lower ceilings
  • High innovation multi capacitors for smooth activity and greatest air development over the room.

Hampton Bay Stylique II 52 inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Review

The Hampton Bay Stylique II Ceiling fan has different extremely rich highlights which make it just a joy to use in homes. It has

  • A 3-sharp edge inventive plan while snappy cutting edge arms are alluring.
  • A sleek glass globe with a 100 Watt halogen bulb introduced in it.
  • Off-white glass light unit that makes its use significantly more terrific.
  • Dark shaded sharp edges that look brilliant when lit by the light unit.
  • Simple to utilize the remote control with light and speed control catches.
  • An ideal ceiling fan up to rooms of the bigger size of 14ft. x 14ft.

Hampton Bay Southwind 52.in Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan Review

Hampton Bay Southwind 52.in is one of the most fantastic and lavishly lovely fans in the market.

The Hampton Bay Southwind Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan comprises of 5 sharp edges that can be turned around too in smooth completions of pecan and dim oak which adds to the stylistic theme.

Hampton Bay Southwind Ceiling Fan
With a dark oak finish on the blades and a 52 inch blade span, the Hampton Bay Southwind fan is both handsome, goes great with many decors and settings, and can move a lot of air. You can find this fan generally for about $100-$150, depending on your locale. This means it’s a handsome looking fan that’s affordable, and does a great job moving air.

The uncommon innovation of Hampton Bay, Accu-Arm Technology permits simple and right establishment with no earlier learning and furthermore guarantees peaceful and smooth activity.

  • Light pack made up of iridescent glass.
  • 4961 CFM engine rate which means a cool and steady supply of air.
  • 5-inch long downrod that can be diminished whenever required.
  • Three different methods for mounting are accessible which makes utilization profoundly redid
  • two 60-watt candelabra bulbs incorporated into the light pack

Hampton Bay Southwind Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Southwind Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Adonia Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan Review

An extraordinary transitional emphasize for any room, the Hampton Bay Adonia Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan is furnished with a bowl-style light apparatus with matured champagne glass and 5-reversible sharp edges in pecan and dim maple. This fan mounts flush, making it incredible for low ceilings and it highlights 3-speed, reversible control for all year comfort. Utilizations 3-candelabra bulbs up to 40W (included).

  • Huge room: room size from 12 ft. x 12 ft. to 18 ft. x 18 ft.
  • Flush-mount, hugger-style fan perfect for low ceilings
  • Flexible oil-scoured bronze completion
  • Bowl-style light pack with matured champagne glass
  • 5-reversible in pecan and dim maple to show your decision of completion
  • Requires three 40W candelabra bulbs (included)