Hampton Bay Redington IV Ceiling Fan

The Redington is a 52 inch ceiling fan with a brushed steel finish. It has five blades which are reversible. The fan comes with a remote, and a limited lifetime warranty (see Hampton Bay warranty details for more information as to what this covers). Be aware that the remote does not come with batteries, so you’ll have to purchase batteries for the remote before you’ll
be able to use it. The fan does come with a 4.5 inch down rod.

Hampton Bay Reddington IV Ceiling Fan
The Redington IV ceiling fan can actually be kind of difficult to find – not to mention, hard to find a picture of! If you’re looking to purchase this ceiling fan, you can find it on E-bay at the time of this writing for approximately $100 USD. However, you may want to read reviews first before purchasing. Home owners have complained that the light kit is extremely inefficient – so much so, that it cannot even light a small closet.

Does the Redington IV ceiling fan have good reviews?

At the time of this writing in 2022, the Redington does not have very good reviews when taking a look at the major manufacturers. On the Home Depot website, the Redington brushed steel
52 inch ceiling fan has both 1 star reviews – which is pretty bad. Although there are only two reviews of the fan on that website, neither is good. One user reports that the chandelier bulbs didn’t provide enough light in their office. The other review reports that the fan wasn’t too bad to install, but the light kit does not work very well at all – similar to the other user’s post about the lights being too dim. The site visitor goes on to say that it may be a better idea to purchase a Hunter fan, and does not recommend the Redington to other site visitors.

A third person answering a question says that the fan does not even do a good job of lighting up a small closet. Redington does have a bit of a history behind it. The first Redington fan was introduced in 1990. The style of that fan was very different from what you would find in the Redington IV. Originally, the model was designed as an “ultra-modern” fan which had an integrated light kit with four lights, and a useful remote control.

Where can I find the manual for my Hampton Bay Redington ceiling fan?

If looking for the manual for your Redington IV ceiling fan, you can find the downloadable PDF manual here. This is very useful if you’re looking for information direct from the manufacturer in terms of diagnosis, troubleshooting, or warranty information. The manual can also help if looking for a specific part for the Redington IV ceiling fan, or if you are searching for a parts list.

Where can I purchase the Hampton Bay Redington IV ceiling fan?

At the time of this writing, the Redington IV is not available at major retailers. If after reading reviews, you still want to purchase this fan, then you can purchase it on Ebay. It costs approximately $100 USD (before shipping costs, which may be extra). Just make sure you read the reviews from site visitors first!

Hampton Bay Latham Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Latham Ceiling Fan reviewed on this page is a 52 inch ceiling fan. If you have found other variations of the Latham ceiling fan – like other sizes, please do let us know by filling out a comment and leaving it for our site visitors. The Latham is part of the Hampton Bay Home Decorators collection. The Latham features reversible blades, that are appealing with a cherry/pine finish. That’s the color of the blades. The fan itself has a brushed nickel finish. This fan can be mounted in a dual mount fashion – but this does not mean it can be installed flush mount (as a hugger). Please read the details at the bottom for more. The fan comes with a standard remote control and a frosted glass bowl.

Size: 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Model numbers: 71352, 51315 Latham 52 in. Ceiling Fan

The Latham Ceiling Fan has three speeds (with the reverse capability). The fan uses 2 bulbs which are 60-watt candelabra bulbs, and the bulbs do not come with the fan. Good to know, so that you know you have to purchase bulbs when you’re purchasing this fan.

Hampton Bay Latham Ceiling Fan
The Latham may potentially no longer be available from major retailers. At the time of this writing, it does not appear to be available at these major retailers. However, you can find the Hampton Bay Latham Ceiling Fan at places like E-bay. If you find another retailer or online location to purchase the Latham fan, please let us know!

Questions related to the Hampton Bay Latham Ceiling Fan:

Can the Hampton Bay Latham ceiling fan be installed flush mount to the ceiling?

No, the fan cannot be installed flush mount to the ceiling. The fan is dual mount, which means it can be mounted either standard or sloped. In both cases, a downrod is utilized. This can be confusing because typically dual mount sounds like it means you can install both with and without a downrod.

For a flushmount or hugger style fan, take a look at the Windward IV brushed nickel fan

Can I use dimming functions with the remote control? Does the fan come with LED candleabra bulbs included that are dimmable?

The remote does have a dimming feature, however LED dimming bulbs may or may not be compatible with the Latham. The LED bulbs may potentially flicker – the manufacturer isn’t sure this will happen, but they don’t recommend using LED bulbs with this fan.

How many bulbs are used for this fan and what wattage are they?

This fan utilizes two 60-watt candelabra bulbs, which don’t come included with the fan.

How do I get the remote control to work?

Typically, being able to use the remote should work right out of the box. If the remote is not working, try changing the batteries. If that does not work, make sure the dip switches are programmed the same on both the remote as well as the receiver. If you’re having problems with the remote and would like help to troubleshoot it, please read our article on troubleshooting your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote. It’s in depth and should be able to offer support for this challenge. It’s a common one to have!