Hampton Bay Glass Globe is stuck

Trying to remove your Hampton Bay glass globe? It’s not easy to remove sometimes. Glass globes or shades can become stuck on a fan after many years of usage, and those darn things just won’t budge! So what do you do when this happens, you ask? Great question. We’ll help you to answer that question here. Here’s some step by step. Ensure you’ve tried all of these things first. If this still does not work, keep reading to see if we can help to get that globe or shade removed. Once that’s off, it should be relatively straight forward to change the bulb.

Hampton Bay Clear Glass Globe
Hampton Bay Clear Glass Globe
  1. Make sure you’ve removed all the screws holding the globe or shade in place.
  2. Try gently turning counter clockwise and/or clockwise to see if there is any leeway or looseness when you do so. Be gentle, pulling too hard means that you could snap the connection and then it’ll never go back on again.
  3. Pulling straight down may also work. Have you ever been able to remove the globe before, and know which way it turns? If so, turn it the way you know of. If you’ve never removed the globe before, and turning it clockwise and counter clockwise does not work, then pulling straight down might be another thing to try.

If none of this works and the globe just won’t budge at all, then spraying WD 40 might help. Don’t spray it on the globe, but only in the small area where there are screw holes or where it might help to get the fixture turning. Don’t spray wires, or into spaces that could heat up.

This video shows what a usual light fixture looks like, from the perspective of the screws that are attached to the fixture and how to remove them. Many light fixtures are typical in this respect, and thus removing the screws from one fixture is very common from one fixture to the next.


42-Inch White Bleached Oak Replacement Fan Blades

Refresh the appearance and functionality of your current fan using this practical five-piece set, specially designed for the seamless replacement of worn or broken fan blades. Featuring reversible white and bleached oak finishes, these blades perfectly complement a wide array of ceiling fans, adding a touch of renewed elegance to your living space. Crafted from durable MDF material, these blades promise long-lasting performance.

Ideal Compatibility with Most 42-Inch Fans

Tailored for versatility, these replacement fan blades are engineered to be compatible with the majority of 42-inch fans. This compatibility ensures that you can effortlessly enhance your fan’s performance and aesthetic appeal.

42-Inch White Bleached Oak Replacement Fan Blades
42-Inch White Bleached Oak Replacement Fan Blades

Precision Measurements for a Flawless Fit

  • A: Fan blade outer holes at 3-1/2 inches
  • B: Distance from fan blade’s outer hole to center hole at 2-5/8 inches

Convenient Pre-Drilled Holes and Custom Fitting Option

Simplify your replacement process with pre-drilled holes that align with most fan models. Moreover, included instructions enable you to achieve a custom fit when necessary. While pre-drilled holes accommodate many installations, it’s important to note that they might not be suitable for all setups. In such cases, additional drilling might be required to ensure a secure fit.

Detailed Dimensions

  • Assembled Height: 16.5 inches
  • Assembled Depth: 0.25 inches
  • Assembled Width: 5 inches

52-Inch Oak Walnut Replacement Fan Blades

Revitalize your existing fan with this hassle-free five-piece set designed for easily replacing worn or broken fan blades. With reversible oak and walnut finishes, these replacement blades seamlessly complement a wide range of ceiling fans, bringing a fresh new look to your space.

Compatible with Most 52-Inch Fans for Versatile Use

Designed with versatility in mind, these replacement fan blades are compatible with the majority of 52-inch fans. This broad compatibility ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of these replacement blades across various fan models.

Replacement Ceiling Fan Blades
Replacement Ceiling Fan Blades

Tailored Dimensions for a Precise Fit

Figuring out the right fit is made easy with the dimensions provided. Refer to Figure-1 for precise measurements:

  • A: Outer holes of the fan blade at 3-15/16 inches
  • B: Distance from fan blade’s outer hole to center hole at 2-3/4 inches

Convenient Pre-Drilled Holes and Custom Fit Option

Replacing your fan blades is a breeze thanks to the pre-drilled holes that align with most fan models. The package also includes comprehensive instructions, allowing you to achieve a custom fit if necessary. This flexibility ensures that your replacement blades seamlessly integrate with your fan’s design and functionality.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your fan’s appearance or restore its performance, these replacement blades offer an effective solution that’s both easy to install and tailored to meet your needs. Say goodbye to worn-out blades and welcome a renewed sense of comfort and style with this versatile set of fan blade replacements.

Hampton Bay Fan Blade Grommets

Hampton Bay Fan Blade Grommets hold the ceiling fan together. Grommets are small metal or rubber insulation that protect the opening of another fan part. An eyelet protects the opening and strengthens the joint when fastened with a cable or screw. Among the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts, grommets are important because they hold the entire structure together. Grommets are extremely necessary for the smooth running of the electric fan. The grommet may be made of metal, plastic, or rubber. The shape of a grommet also varies according to the hole it insulates.

The usual shapes of a fan grommet are round, oblong, oval, or square. The size of the grommet used depends on the fan blade size of the entire application. Metal grommets are usually used for their durability and temperature flexibility, and strength. Many companies prefer to create grommets out of brass. Other metal grommets also have nickel in their composition, as it is good for corrosion-resistant fan parts. Steel grommets also have corrosion resistance, malleability, and strength. Grommets are highly specific in their use. The use of specific grommets depends on their groove diameter, thickness, and other characteristics.

Rubber Grommet Assortment
Here’s an example of what a bunch of rubber grommets look like. They are pretty simple for the most part, but they fulfill an important job. If you need new grommets, they need to be of the proper size. Hopefully you’re able to find the size of grommet that you need.

Ceiling fans are some of the most necessary electrical attachments to any space. Even in commercial settings, fans are used to cool down the environment and people. Electrical fans from Hampton Bay are some of the best long-lasting fans on the market today. Hampton Bay manufactures electrical fans for all kinds of spaces. Without the use of good wiring and grommets, the fans are of no use. Apart from the fan parts mentioned above, many other parts make a fan operational. The durability of a ceiling fan depends on the parts used to make it. Therefore, Hampton Bay only uses high-quality individual parts to make every single assembled fan from its factory. With every fan from Hampton Bay, the customer gets a guarantee of quality and longevity.