Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

Hampton Bay as a well known and reputable manufacturer of ceiling fans, bath fans, light fixtures, patio furniture, chandeliers and more. Hampton Bay is a house brand of Home Depot – meaning they have the best selection. There are no other stores really that carry Hampton Bay – it is more  or less owned exclusively by Home Depot. There are lots of Home Depot stores though, so that is good news – right?

Some of the parts that our site visitors look for, are replacement parts. This happens because of accidents or remodeling. Glass shades, and replacement remotes are often hot items.

Easy Way of Finding the correct Hampton Bay Replacement Part

Determine the actual problem. You have to be able to explain the problem clearly before attempting to resolve it. You can determine this by  reading our FAQ sections, or posting and requesting help on our website.

Once you know the issue, the next step is to know the product name. This is an exact science. Knowing the name of the fan, e.g. Hampton Bay Nassau Ceiling 42 Inch Ceiling Fan, will save you a lot of time and hassle along the way. The name of the fan will be on the box, that the fan came in.

  • If you cannot find the original box the fan came in, or the manual, than try looking on the top of the motor casing for the  UPC code. The UPC code is just as good as knowing the name of the fan. If all else fails, then take a picture of the fan.
  • Look up the online community. There, you can
    post a question and request help. If you are kind and courteous
    to the staff who troll the forums, they will try their very best to help you. It is rare they are not able to help you solve the problem.

Common Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

The remote control for any ceiling fan can often get lost, and require replacement. You may also have a malfunctioning remote, but losing the remote still stays at the top of the list for replacement reasons! Don’t forget to try a new battery in the remote before changing it. Also, checking the dip switches are set the correct way on both the remote and the receiver would be a good idea as well.

Before you replace your ceiling fan remote, it’s a good idea to try as much troubleshooting as you possibly can. As mentioned, replacing the batteries is always one of the first things you can try. Generally, dip switches are the next thing to try. But just what are dip switches, you may ask? Great question. Dip switches generally exist on both the ceiling fan remote, and the receiver. The dip switches control what frequency the remote uses to communicate with the receiver on the fan. In order for both the fan and the receiver to be able to communicate, the dip switches need to be set the same way.

Ceiling Fan Dipswitch
Dipswitches are used to allow the fan’s remote to communicate to the receiver. Unless both are set to the same setting, the fan won’t communicate with the remote on the same frequency.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades

Fan Blades can become warped, or unbalanced. If you have warped blades, these need to be replaced. If your blades appear to be unbalanced, but are not warped, this can be corrected. Try using a blade balancing kit. Blades can eventually become misaligned by the constant buildup of dust and dirt on top of the fan blades. If you are looking for replacement Hampton Bay ceiling fan blades, we have some available here, but they are mostly aftermarket fan blades. The best places to find replacement fan blades for a Hampton Bay fan is generally from a Home Depot or Lowe’s. This is because Home Depot carries Hampton Bay as a house brand.

Major websites like Amazon and Walmart generally carry replacement blades, but they are not the first party blades manufactured by Hampton Bay. You often have to find a set of aftermarket blades that are the correct blade span, and are close to the décor. Generally, the easiest way to go about if you cannot find a close match in terms of the finish, is to replace all of the blades. This can be less expensive then replacing the fan entirely, however it may take a little bit of work. You may not necessarily have to pull the fan down, if you’re able to work on it with a ladder and don’t mind having your arms in the air for long periods of time!

Hampton Bay Replacement Glass Globe

A glass globe may sometimes fall off a fan and break. This is more likely to happen when working on the fan.

Replacement Motor

Motors are generally covered under the lifetime warranty that Hampton Bay offers. However, in order for the warranty to be valid, you do have to be the original purchaser of the fan. This is in order to show proof of purchase. When dealing with warranty support they will ask for the proof of purchase, in order to prove this. The motor is covered for a lifetime as it is not expected to fail. Troubleshooting in order to determine if it is a motor issue can be a challenge. You need to first eliminate the concept that it could be an input issue with the fan.

One of the most efficient ways to determine if there is a problem with the motor, is to use a multi meter in order to see if there is voltage across the motor or not. If there is no voltage across the motor, then you know there could actually be a wiring problem that needs to be looked at as opposed to a motor issue.

For further details about how to troubleshoot the motor, please read our article on troubleshooting a ceiling fan motor.

Hampton Bay Compatible Capacitor

Below we have a capacitor that is compatible with Hampton Bay fans. This capacitor is UL listed, so if it gets damp it should still work. This is good if you have a Hampton Bay fan that is installed outside, or experiences moist conditions. It’s not UL wet listed though, so don’t dump water on the capacitor if possible. Finding these kind of parts locally, in the town you live in can certainly be a challenge.

This capacitor is compatible with 4.5uf, 5uf, 6uf. The capacitor must be a 4 wire capacitor currently, so check your existing capacitor that you’re replacing to determine if it will match up in terms of the wires and the resistance.

Hampton Bay Compatible Capacitor
Hampton Bay Compatible Ceiling Fan Capacitor