Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

Looking around online, there is no place to buy blade arms for Hampton Bay unless you buy them from the major retailers that carry Hampton Bay as a house brand. This is mostly Home Depot and Lowe’s – there’s basically no where else to get them online at all. With that being said, it may be possible to purchase ceiling fan blade arms for a Hampton Bay fan which are not manufactured or actually provided by Hampton Bay. This would be aftermarket or third party blade arms. Sometimes you can find a blade arm that will fit a certain size of fan. In order to match up your fan to the blade arms you’re looking at, you need to establish if it has the same bolt pattern as your blades, if it’s the right size and finally, does the decor fit your existing fan. As a small example, it would look strange if your fan blades are a different color then the blade arms.

42 Inch Ceiling Fan Blade Arms
We can’t guarantee compatibility – these blade arms fit onto a 42 inch ceiling fan. If your fan has a 42 inch blade span, these blade arms may fit if you’re needing blade arms.

What are Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blade Arms?

Blade arms are what holds the ceiling fan blade, to the ceiling fan itself. Spotting a blade problem can often be more challenging then spotting a blade arm issue. If the blade arm is loose, you can generally tell somewhat easily from a physical inspection. If the screws, bolts or other fastening devices are loose they can be tightened by the simply use of a screwdriver or other tools. If a blade arm is broken off for whatever reason, this gets to be a bit more challenging to the point where you have to replace the blade arms.

As mentioned above, blade arms need to be compatible from the perspective of ensuring they are the right size. So if you have 42 inch blades and you try to attach a blade arm for a 52 inch fan, it’s not going to work. You also have to make sure the bolt pattern matches, e.g if the blades on your fan have 2 holes and the blade arm has 4 holes it won’t work. Lastly, as mentioned it’s in your best interest the décor matches otherwise it’ll look weird.

Hampton Bay Walnut Ceiling Fan Replacement Blades –   Finding replacement first party blades (that come from Hampton Bay) is pretty much impossible online. Don’t bother looking on the major retailers because we’ve already done that. You’ll need to call Home Depot, Lowe’s or Litex to find original blades or original Hampton Bay part numbers. The easiest thing to do instead is to buy third party blades, either to match your existing decor, or simply replace it.

With that being said, depending on which fan you have, you may find that the blade arms aren’t noticeable when the fan is turning. So, if that’s the case then  you may be able to get away with using blade arms that don’t quite match exactly to the décor. As with most things, the most important thing is ensuring compatibility. Once you’re sure the blade arms are compatible, then whether the décor matches or not is of course a secondary concern.

How do I replace a Ceiling Fan Blade Arm myself?

If you are looking to replace a ceiling fan blade arm yourself, we can help you with this. Below is a fantastic video that you can watch, that will guide you step by step on how to replace a blade arm. It’s no problem really – just watch the video, and we’re quite confident you’ll be able to do this yourself, too!

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