Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Capacitors

What is a Ceiling Fan Capacitor?

A capacitor is one of the main components in a ceiling fan. It’s function is to start the motor. If the fan won’t turn – specifically, if fan speeds are no longer functioning, it may be time to replace the capacitor. Luckily, we can help with this! On this page, we’ll help you with instructions in terms of how to replace the capacitor should it be malfunctioning.

Capacitor replacement for Hampton Bay ceiling fans, as well as other ceiling fans is described below. There are two types of capacitors as it applies to ceiling fans – or at least, there are two types that we describe here. The two types of capacitors we talk about here, and offer step by step on how to replace them, are 3 in 1 capacitors and

In order to replace your capacitor in your ceiling fan, you will need the following tools:

  • Wire strippers
  • Wire nuts
  • Electrical tape
  • Pick or similar pointed tool (for pulling wires)
  • Replacement capacitor

3 in 1 Capacitor Pullchain Fan Replacement

Before starting to remove the capacitor or take the fan apart, make sure that you turn the power off at the breaker. One thing you don’t want to do is electrocute yourself! Once the power is off at the breaker, you can take the light kit apart. You’ll have to do this in order to access the switch housing, where the capacitor is located. To make the whole process easier, something you can do is bring the motor down from the fan.

Unscrew the grommet to free the speed switch. Use the pick or pointed tool, and insert it into the opening for one of the wires. Pull the wire out of the switch while pressing the flap down with the pick. Use this process or repeat this process in order to remove the grey, brown and purple wires from the speed switch.

Next, use wire strippers to cut the red wire and the other grey wire. Now, remove the defective capacitor. Bring the new replacement capacitor to the motor.

Strip the previously cut red and grey wires. Combine the red wires from the new capacitor, with the red wire from the motor. Do the same thing with the grey wires. You can secure the wires with wire nuts and electrical tape.

Next, insert the purple wire into slot #3 on the speed switch. After inserting each wire, lightly tug on the wire to make sure it’s inserted into place. Insert the brown wire into the #2 slot, and the grey wire into the #1 slot.

See the below diagram for assistance with wiring a ceiling fan capacitor:

How to re-wire 3 in 1 ceiling fan capacitor and speed switch


The below video is an excellent source of support and information, for how to replace your ceiling fan capacitor. Often watching a video is a very visual and informative method of learning how to fix something. You can watch the video over and over again, taking down notes on how to replace your ceiling fan capacitor. Should you find a more informative video on the Internet about how to replace your ceiling fan capacitor, please let us know and we’ll ensure that it’s added to the website.

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