Light Bulbs

Replacing the bulb in your Hampton Bay Light Kit means matching up the amperage or wattage of your light kit with the correct bulbs that are required. Bulbs range from 35 watt, to 50 watt, and more. Light bulbs also come in a variety of different functions, like halogen, LED, or dimmable bulbs. You may be asking – what light bulb makes sense for my light kit? This is a valid question and one we hope to answer here for you in this article.

Determine your Bulb Size

The first step in replacing Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan bulbs is to determine the bulb size. This can be done by measuring the width and the height of the bulb. Below we have provided a sizing chart to help with bulb size and recommendations. The name of each bulb type is what you should buy in the store when you are looking to source a replacement bulb.

Medium Base – E26

1.03″ wide
1.05″ tall

Intermediate Base E17

.54 inches wide
.82 inches tall

Candleabra base E12

.47″ wide
.65″ tall

Replace old style CFL bulbs with LED bulbs

CFL bulbs are an older design that you may come across in existing fans. When the time comes to replace one of these bulbs, the challenge becomes that they are harder to find because of the fact they are obsolete. It’s best to replace CFL bulbs with LED bulbs. CFL use incandescent lighting which costs more energy to run. Switching to LED bulbs helps to save energy and therefore, money in your pocket.

LED Ceiling Fan Light Kit Bulbs

A LED replacement bulb is often a good way to go. LED bulbs use less energy and are actually less likely to cause headaches or other problems. LED bulbs tend to last many more hours, and they’re not overly expensive. LED technology is quite prevalent today in the marketplace and common nowadays. You can find LED replacement bulbs in most local retail hardware or department stores.