Hampton Bay Light Kits

Hampton Bay Light Kit is a wonderful accessory to add onto your Hampton Bay fan. This is if you already own an existing Hampton Bay fan in your home, office, or other. You can also purchase a Hampton Bay fan that comes with a light kit as well.

Often times we get asked the following questions. Below, we have pasted these frequently asked questions pertaining to Hampton Bay Light Kits, and have attempted to answer them as best we can. Please do let us know if this has helped you, or if you need additional support.

I want to buy a light kit for my Hampton Bay fan, but I don’t know which will attach to my fan. How can I determine this?

Ok, there are a few different ways to answer this. The first thing we’d recommend, is to check the manual that came with the fan. See if there is any information there as to what light kits are compatible. The manual may have some information. If you don’t have the manual, you can try searching online.

You can also buy a Universal Hampton Bay light kit here below for less than $100 USD – not a bad deal at all, right? This light kit is $80 at the time of this writing. It is possible that cost and stock may fluctuate over time.

Hampton Bay Universal Light Kit – On Sale

As a general rule of thumb, if your ceiling fan is more than 5 years old, it may be harder to find a kit for it. The main thing you need to understand is whether the fan is light kit adaptable or not. The original manual would have this information. If you aren’t sure what model of ceiling fan you have, we do have an article that will help you to find the model of your fan. Then you would be able to locate the manual for your fan online via searching against the model of the fan.

Hampton Bay Williamson Ceiling Fan Light Kit
Here’s a good example of a useful Hampton Bay light kit. This one features four LED lights, and is quite affordable as well.

If you cannot find the manual anywhere, even online, then try googling for the make and model of your fan. For example, you can try searching for “Hampton Bay insert name of fan here.” See what resources are available when you Google the specific fan name. Also try searching “name of fan light kit.” This will help you to locate questions from others who have had the similar or same problem.

Failing that, the next step would be to get in touch with Hampton Bay support. They have a forum community where you can post a question. Site administrators and real people who work there will work really hard to answer your question and help you. They are very good at what they do and getting to the root of your concern.

How to Install a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Below, we’ve been able to locate a video that walks you through installing a light kit. In the below case, this is a universal Hampton Bay light kit. The great thing about universal light kits, is that they work for multiple fans out there. So you don’t have to go hunting down the original factory or OEM light kit that came with the ceiling fan, in order to install a new light kit to the fan. Universal light kits work for other brands out there, too. However, you’ll have the best compatibility with fans of the same brand.



16 comments on “Hampton Bay Light Kits

    • This appears to be the Hampton Bay 52 Inch Latham ceiling fan. We are working on this and will update you soon!


  1. I need the part number to order a light kit for Hampton bay 52in ceiling fan Model 51718. Thanks, Mark(816-520-8921)

  2. I have a 52″ Hampton Bay Lillycrest ceiling fan with a light kit that started to constantly blink. What light kit would be a replacement for the existing one, or is there a simple fix for the blinking?

  3. I need to replace the switch of a flush mounted ceiling fan that I don’t have the model number for but for which I can provide a close up picture. Also, I’m wondering if it can be upgraded to remote control.

  4. I purchased a Hampton Bay Lodge ceiling fan with antler light kit. The light kit has a factory defect that is making it nearly inoperable. One of the antlers holding a lamp is not seated into the unit correctly and is causing the light to tilt severely to one side, which in turn raises the other side dangerously near the fan blades. This is brand new out of the box and already installed. The model number is YG098B-NM and the entire light kit is needed. I am praying a replacement can be sent since it is a factory defect. Thank you.

  5. The knobs have fallen off of my Hampton bay fan light switch. Can I get replacement knobs? I tried generic ones from Home Depot and they don’t fit.

    • Hi Susanne,
      When we look for this model number or UPC 043263-127787 we find it belongs to the Hampton Bay Glendale II ceiling fan. We will post a link here to this fan shortly for you with more details and we will try to locate a light kit.

  6. HI ..I am looking to remove my light kit from the fan. what are my options. I want to keep the fan.

    Can i just remove the light lit or are there any plate that can be used to make it look like it never had a light kit.

  7. Hampton Bay ceiling fan model ac-552 light kit gray color is what I have. One of the 4 light bulb receptacles is bad. I want to buy a replacement light kit with the same plug connector that was used in 1988. Do you sell this light kit in gray? Other info on the name plate: E7595 List ceiling fan 897F made in Taiwan MFGR NO. 5A00007, model: AC-552/


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