Hampton Bay Bathroom Fans

Hampton Bay Exhaust fans are not ceiling fans – but they serve an important, needed purpose in the bathroom. You probably are familiar with this situation – or maybe you aren’t. The bathroom is stinky! Your bathroom fan is broken down, or does not work as well as it used to. This can happen for a variety of reasons. The exhaust fan might need cleaning, it might need replacement, you might not have venting for the exhaust fan, etc. This is actually a much more common problem then you might think.

The good news is that installing a Hampton Bay exhaust fan is not overly expensive. If you aren’t sure if your exhaust fan is properly vented or not, the greater expense would actually be getting a vent put in your ceiling up to the outside, as opposed to the actual exhaust fan itself. Hampton Bay bathroom exhaust fans range anywhere from as low as $25 USD up to $300 or more.

As you know, Hampton Bay is the house brand of a major retailer. If you’re looking for more Hampton Bay exhaust fans, visiting one of their store locations is a good bet. Keep in mind though that the manufacturer of Hampton Bay ceiling fans is not Home Depot – that is Litex.

You can also find a few of these Hampton Bay exhaust fans below as well, to install in your bathroom as needed.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Mount Exhaust Bath Fan
This is a great example of an entry level Hampton Bay wall mount exhaust fan. Hampton Bay is relatively inexpensive in order to purchase and install – this fan is $30 USD. It’s a pretty good deal; you’re going to spend more on installation and if you need a vent in your ceiling and/or roof, for sure.


We’ve also now added an 80 CFM Hampton Bay bathroom exhaust fan model to the site for review or purchase as well. This one is a tad more expensive. The above model you see is a 70 CFM model, which costs $29.99 USD at the time of this writing (April 2023). The below model is 80 CFM, which moves a little more air and it costs about $43 USD respectively. Not too bad, you get a little bit more air movement and the price really isn’t that much higher.

Hampton Bay 80 CFM Ceiling Mount Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Close up of the 80 CFM exhaust fan


This is what the exhaust fan looks like when it’s mounted in the ceiling.

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