Hampton Bay Caprice Ceiling Fan

Recently we had a site visitor ask a question about the Hampton Bay Caprice ceiling fan. We looked around for this fan online. We were able to find this fan on the Home Depot website, but it does appear to be sold out and unavailable at this time. The fan retails for $219. In terms of it’s appeal, we didn’t find that this fan was super appealing unless you are in the market for a fan that is completely white and somewhat modern. The fan has three blades and a LED light kit, so it does kind of have that modern feel. However, the all white finish wasn’t really something we enjoyed and found it didn’t go well with any rooms as we didn’t have any room painted all white that we wanted to mount it in. Perhaps if we did have a room that was all white, it would had made more sense.

Hampton Bay Caprice Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Caprice Ceiling Fan

This fan does carry a three year warranty on the LED light kit, and one year on the parts which isn’t bad. This is through Home Depot – other retailers may offer similar or different warranty periods. As mentioned though, Home Depot didn’t have this fan available at the time of this writing. We also didn’t find the fan available on Amazon either. Amazon does carry it, but same thing as Home Depot where it was sold out or out of stock with no ability to purchase.

The one place we were able to find this fan available to purchase, was on E-bay for approximately $80 USD. This didn’t include the shipping cost. This is a bargain price. There was also some replacement parts available such as replacement blades at $20 USD for a set of three replacement blades.


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  1. I am still looking for a name of our Hampton fan and/or a manual that will show us how to change the light bulbs without having to take down the entire fan from the ceiling. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it greatly.
    Bought it from Home Depot 17 years ago. I have a picture but can’t get it to paste in this comment box.

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