Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote App

Looking for an app to remotely control your Hampton Bay ceiling fan? If you are looking for an app to control your ceiling fan, we can help. Having an app is great because you don’t have to be right in front of your fan. Generally, you can be anywhere in your home, as long as you’re connected to WiFi in order to use your remote control app.

The two most popular methods of Hampton Bay remote control apps are – you guessed it, an android app and an iPhone app. Depending which phone you have, you’ll have different apps available. When searching on Apple store for ceiling fan, most of the apps that you find are ones to make noises like ceiling fans, so you’ll have to get a bit more granular in your search. The Bond is an excellent example of a device that can turn any fan into one that can be controlled via app, and then you just install the bond app to control the fan. Bond Home is a highly rated iPhone ceiling fan remote control app that pairs with the Bond device.

Here is a list of other iPhone ceiling fan remote control apps:

  • Carro Home
  • Ai Sync
  • Fanlight Sync
  • Home Breeze
  • Fan Studio

Try to find an use a Ceiling Fan Remote Control app that is supported by the manufacturer

There are many ceiling fan remote apps out there, and not all of them are supported by the manufacturer of the fan. A third party app may or may not talk to your ceiling fan. If you are interested in using an Android ceiling fan remote control app, or iPhone, take a look at the ceiling fan manufacturer first to see what they recommend.

Hunter SimpleConnect Ceiling Fan App
Hunter recommends using their first party app called Hunter SimpleConnect, in order to control your Hunter ceiling fan. While reviews aren’t great, ceiling fans are generally compatible with apps made by their own parent companies, so it’s likely a good bet to try that app first before other third party apps available on Apple’s Store or Google Play Store.

For example, Hunter recommends use of their app called Hunter SimpleConnect. This app is actually created by Hunter or developed by the first party company. With that being said, the reviews from users aren’t terrific, so that’s another thing to consider too. Long story short, the first party application should work well with the manufacturer’s own fans. While it is possible to find third party apps that work with first party ceiling fans as well, it may sometimes take some research to find the best apps to use with your ceiling fan.


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