Hampton Bay Fanelee Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Fanelee Ceiling Fan is a 54 inch ceiling fan, in terms of blade size. With the fan being larger in terms of blade size, this is great in terms of moving air around in larger room settings. The Fanelee also has a integrated LED light kit, which provides lots of beautiful ambient lighting. The LED light kit uses 31 watts as well, so it’s very power efficient. You can also choose between six different ambient light settings, so this fan and it’s light kit certainly has many ambient settings to choose from – making this fan an excellent purchase, if that’s what you’re after.

Hampton Bay Fanalee Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Fanalee Ceiling Fan

In terms of the fan’s finish, it has an appealing brushed nickel finish which also has a frosted plastic shade. The plastic shade is resistant to breaks and shatters – which is great, because a broken shade is a problem that many site visitors often have. It’s frustrating to have a broken shade, for sure! This fan, as mentioned works great in larger rooms due to the 54 inch blade span. It’s designed to be used in larger rooms. The motor features 4 speeds and is quiet, but still moves lots of air as discussed.


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  1. Good morning! I was wondering if this item was ever going to be in stock for home depot again? Specifically the bronze or matte black one.

  2. Hi Ashley, thanks for your question. We do have this fan available to purchase on this page. Where you see the image of the Fanelee fan, there is a link right under it that’ll take you to Amazon. There are multiple options to purchase it there.

    We’re not affiliated with Home Depot, and would have no idea if they are going to carry it in stock again. You’d have to ask them.


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