Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan

Model #: EF200DA-52

The Hayward ceiling fan is a flush-mount fan. This means it works great in rooms where you have a low ceiling. Flush mount fans mount directly to the ceiling, as opposed to hanging down with a downrod like other fans do. The Hayward has five reversible blades, and you can choose between a dark cherry or oak finish. The light kit on the fan works with a 40 watt candelabra bulb. The light kit also features four glass shades, which are of a champagne finish or color. This is quite stylish and appealing!

The motor on the fan is 153mmx15 mm which means it can move a greater airflow. The greater airflow we are talking about is 4,915 CFM – so that’s quite a bit of air, that the Hayward is capable of moving around. The motor also has a lifetime warranty.

Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan

What size room should I use with the Hayward 52 inch ceiling fan?

The Hayward works well in a larger room up to 350 square feet. This would include a large bedroom, master bedroom, larger family room, etc. Also, keep in mind it’s not recommended to install on a higher ceiling. This is due to the fact that as mentioned, the Hayward is a flush mount fan. So just keep in mind, you may have a larger room but if it’s got tall, vaulted ceilings, then the Hayward fan with its flush mount installation may not be the right choice for that room. You may feel that the air does not quite contact the ground, if you choose to install to a room with a high or vaulted ceiling.

Does the Hayward ceiling fan come with a remote control?

Yes, the Hayward does come with both a remote control as well as a pullchain for operation.

I need a replacement part for the Hayward fan. Where can I find a parts list, to figure out which part I need?

We provide a parts list here. This parts list has some diagrams and pictures on it as well, that should help when you are looking for a specific part for your Hayward fan. Especially given the fact that this fan is discontinued, finding a replacement part can sometimes be difficult to say the least.

Note: The parts below that do not have part numbers are not available online.

  • Mounting Plate
  • Motor Housing
  • Hardware Pack
  • Fan-motor assembly
  • Blades (Ceiling Fan Blades) – Part numberĀ  206193038

Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan Blades

  • Blade Bracket – Part numberĀ  206876047

Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan Blade Bracket

  • Light kit fitter assembly
  • Glass shade – Part number 205894229


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  1. was given this light in a box of parts. looking for a diagram of light so i can figure what parts are missing. appreciate any help

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