Hampton Bay Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay Low Profile Ceiling Fans, or hugger ceiling fans, attach directly to the ceiling without a downrod. This is useful when you do not have enough ceiling height in order to mount the fan with a normal downrod. Low profile fans are also useful with rooms with lower ceilings in general. When looking for a Hampton Bay low profile fan, be careful to avoid refurbished products. It’s unknown how long a refurbished fan has been in use, why it was taken down, and unless you’re advised specifically at time of purchase what was changed out or refurbished on the fan, it’s also possible the fan may not work as well as a new product. Purchasing new is generally a better idea.

Suitable for low ceilings, these Hampton Bay low profile fans also provide excellent airflow in the area that they’re mounted in – as well as surrounding areas. Flush mount fans can attach directly to the ceiling. Functionally, low profile fans are similar – they have three different speed settings, as well as reversible blades. Low profile fans experience no degradation in terms of the amount of air they can move around a room. So if you’re worried that a low profile fan will move less air, then don’t – there’s nothing to be worried about!

Hampton Bay Low Profile Ceiling Fan Reviews

Hampton Bay Holly Springs Low Profile 52″ LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Holly Springs Low Profile Ceiling Fan is the best choice when you’re staring into a large room, with a low ceiling. The design of the low profile means you get very good airflow, and the fan does not hang down. The fan features a cool technology called QuickFit. This allows you to add-on some cool things like a slide-on bracket, as well as replacement AccuArm blade arms. Blade install is quick and easy with blades that are “QuickInstall.” This fan also ships with a light kit, which has a frosted glass finish. This is very appealing and sleek. The light kit uses three LED bulbs, which will make less of a dent on your energy bill, too.

Want to see more Hampton Bay low profile fans reviewed? We’d love to add more, but we’re not able to find additional fans to add at this time. If you have a Hampton Bay Low Profile ceiling fan and you’d like to see it reviewed on this website, please let us know and we’ll add your review to our site. We love to hear from our site visitors, even if the feedback is negative about a fan! We understand sometimes there are negative experiences when dealing with Hampton Bay, mainly because their fans and parts can be so hard to find! Please keep in mind we’re not the manufacturer, so if you’re angry with a manufacturer issue, try contacting Hampton Bay by using the contact methods we provide.

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