Hampton Bay Mara Ceiling Fan

Note: We believe it’s important to let our site visitors know, about the recall that occurred with this ceiling fan. We are not the manufacturer. If you do have this fan, and purchased it between May 2020 and October 2020, you should stop using the fan and reach out to King of Fans for how to have the fan inspected.

The Hampton Bay Mara Ceiling Fan has an attractive finish. It goes well with most darker settings, like rustic or modern d├ęcor. With a 54 inch blade span, the fan also excels at moving larger volumes of air.

In December 2020, the Hampton Bay Mara ceiling fan did experience a recall. The US CPSC – that’s the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, made the recall happen in conjunction with Health Canada.

Hampton Bay Mara Ceiling Fan
The Hampton Bay Mara Ceiling Fan did experience a recall, and we talk about that here. It’s still a handsome ceiling fan, and if you own this fan it does not mean they’re all bad. What to be aware of, is whether you purchased the fan during the timeline mentioned.

There was approximately 5,000 Hampton Bay Mara 54 inch fans that were recalled. This is due to there being a number of reports that the blades on the fan actually detached, while the fan was spinning! This is pretty scary, because when the fan is in motion and a fan blade detaches, you can only imagine the kind of velocity that the blade would achieve while flying through the air. It could seriously hurt someone. There was approximately 50 reports of the blades detaching from the fan while it was spinning!

The fans affected by this recall were mainly sold at the major retailer (in store) during the period of May 2020 to October 2020. These fans are manufactured / were manufactured in China.



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