Hampton Bay vs Hunter Ceiling Fans

Are Hunter ceiling fans better then Hampton Bay ceiling fans? This is an excellent question, and one we aim to answer here on this page.
When it comes right down to it – here’s your answer. Both have their own unique place in the market. Hunter’s build quality is better, the motor design and technology is better. With that being said, getting your hands on a Hampton Bay ceiling fan is less expensive and sometimes it’s also convenient. Let’s analyze all of these statements a little closer.

Hunter has been in business since 1886. They specialize in: ceiling fans. That’s right, their focus is on ceiling fans. If you compare this to Hampton Bay, we see that Hampton Bay has not been around nearly as long. Hampton Bay is a much younger company, started in 1986 and owed by Home Depot. It is a fair statement to say that if Hampton Bay was not a house brand of Home Depot, they may not be as successful as a ceiling fan manufacturer. Hunter is not a house brand of Home Depot. Homeowners often will purchase a Hunter ceiling fan because the brand name is well known. People buy Hampton Bay ceiling fans, as a comparison, mostly out of convenience and cost affordability.

Hunter Builder Deluxe Indoor Ceiling Fan
Hunter has been around for a long time, and they do great in terms of their product line up. Not to say Hampton Bay does not too. This ceiling fan from Hunter won’t break the bank – at the time of this writing, it’s about $125 USD which isn’t bad at all for superior craftsmanship.

Hampton Bay also is into light fixtures and outdoor furniture – so their design focus is not solely on ceiling fans, like Hunter is. Hunter’s had a long time to figure out how to design a ceiling fan properly. The cost of a Hunter fan is generally higher then that of a Hampton Bay fan. Hampton Bay has budget and mid range fans, but generally lack any kind of quality higher end models when you’re comparing Hunter vs. Hampton Bay.

Warranty Comparison: Hunter vs. Hampton Bay

Although both companies offer similar warranties, Hunter’s motor design is superior to that of Hampton Bay. Hunter has motor designs in both AC and DC power, while Hampton Bay mainly only has AC motors available. This again comes back to Hunter just having a lot more time to get things right, and being in the business a lot longer. Hunter’s build quality is simply better, their motors last longer and have less problems.

If you have a problem with a Hampton Bay fan, you must go through Home Depot for support and repair assistance. If you have a bad experience with Home Depot, you still have to continue to work with them in this respect. If you do not have a Home Depot store close to your home, it may be prudent not to purchase a low end Hampton Bay model. With that being said, often times Hampton Bay ceiling fans are purchased during sale events. Hampton Bay, being the house brand of Home Depot, is able to push out many more fans. They’re often playing the quantity over quality game, as opposed to Hunter which produces better quality fans. However, Hunter likely won’t be able to match some of the discount prices that Home Depot may offer during a sales event. So, while more Hampton Bay fans get pushed onto the market, Hunter’s price point remains higher and they don’t expect to bend anytime soon in order to match the lower end fans. It’s simply not their mantra (nor do they have to, they produce quality products).

With all of this being said, we’re not saying that Hampton Bay is a bad purchase. Not at all. With anything you purchase, we simply recommend that you do your research and understand both the pros and cons. Purchasing a Hampton Bay fan may be more convenient if you have a Home Depot that’s close by, and you can buy in at a lower price point. However, if you want quality, and longevity, Hunter may be the right pick for you – with a little more money to make that initial purchase.

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