Where are Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans manufactured?

Please note: This website has no relationship with Home Depot, or Hampton Bay. We are only a third party resource which attempts to assist site visitors with questions related to warranty, manufacture and how to obtain support with Hampton Bay products. If you need to talk to Hampton Bay warranty support, check out our page which provides contact information for Hampton Bay (which will connect you to Home Depot).

When searching around on the Internet, one of the top questions that site visitors often have is: where is my Hampton Bay ceiling fan manufactured? Although Home Depot is an American company, with it’s roots in the United States and Canada, the conclusion that Hampton Bay is manufactured in the good ‘old US of A is incorrect. Hampton Bay manufactures their ceiling fans, as well as their patio furniture, in China. The products are then shipped overseas and branded as Hampton Bay – as a Home Depot house brand.

Hampton Bay Holly Springs Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay is the house brand of Home Depot. We have no affiliation with either Hampton Bay or Home Depot. With that being said, these fans are not manufactured in USA. They are generally made in China. Hampton Bay isn’t really a company so to say, they’re just a Home Depot brand. So if you need support, you’re on the phone with Home Depot – there’s no way around it.

Although the manufacturing happens in China, this does not mean Hampton Bay is a poor or inferior quality product. This might explain why it’s sometimes difficult to find a phone number, a website, or ANYONE to talk to at Hampton Bay. Why? Well – you have to call Home Depot, long story short. This is because Hampton Bay does not so much as operate as a “company,” so to say. The fans that are branded Hampton Bay are done so by Home Depot – Hampton Bay, unfourtunately is not really like your standard “company.” If you want to purchase a ceiling fan from an actual company that stands behind their products, with a long history of manufacturing quality products, look at Hunter ceiling fans.

With all of this being said, it’s true that “an angry or upset customer tells 10 people while a happy one tells one.” Although you may find many bad reviews of Hampton Bay ceiling fans online, keep in mind thousands of their products are sold every month in hundreds of Home Depot stores around the United States and Canada. Of those thousands that are sold, only a small handful result in bad reviews. We’re not for or against the product line, we just want to ensure that you’re getting the most correct information.


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