Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Hampton Bay Ceiling fan Troubleshooting steps that we go through on this page will work for not only Hampton Bay fans, but fans of all brands, for the most part.

So, what’s the problem with the fan?

If your fan is not turning at all:

If the fan is not turning at all – is the problem with the remote, or with the fan itself? If the remote is not turning on the fan, check our remotes page and go through the remote troubleshooting. You’ll need to check the batteries, check the dip switches, and if that does not work, then you may need to replace the remote or troubleshoot the receiver.

If you have a pullchain, does that work? If the remote does not work, and pullchain does not work, and you’ve troubleshot those items, then it’s time to move onto other things. You’ll need to open up the fan and start looking at the wiring. Is there any wires that are frayed, disconnected or out of place?

If you cannot find any recognizable problems, you’ll need to start using a multi meter and checking the voltages, wattages, amperages etc. throughout the fan circuitry. This can be complicated. If you’re not an electrician, or you’ve never worked with electronic circuits or a multi-meter before, you may want to take the fan to a professional.

If your fan is humming or making noises:

It may need to be blade balanced. Take a look at the blades – do any of them look warped, or bent? To tell if any of the blades are warped, you can use a blade balancing kit. This blade balancing kit will work via attaching weights to the blades. You can use a blade balancing kit to correct any weight or discrepancy issues.

If the light kit is not working:

If your light kit is not working, again the first thing is – is it the remote? If you have a pullchain on the light kit, and the pullchain is not working – could it be the pullchain?

If the remote does not turn on the light kit:

First, check the batteries. Try changing the batteries. Is the remote working to make the other fan functions work? If the other functions on the remote are working, then it’s likely a problem elsewhere. You’ll need to check the receiver and the internal wiring on the fan. Worst case scenario, you’ll need to replace the light kit. Sometimes, it may even be more cost effective, and faster, to simply replace the light kit.


Here’s a video in regards to a ceiling fan that hums or turns slowly. You can see in the video, that the creator basically takes apart the fan in order to find the source of the problem. In this case, it turns out to be a faulty capacitor.