Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals

Having a tough time finding the original manual that came in the box with your Hampton Bay fan? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many people tend to throw out the Hampton Bay Fan manual once the fan is installed. Holding onto manuals for appliances in the home is a good practice to get into, though. Later on, you can circle back and see what kind of maintenance is needed, step by step on said maintenance, parts that are suggested or required, the part numbers involved, and more. It’s difficult sometimes to put a price tag against the manual – it can be an invaluable source of information.

Luckily, you can find the manual for your Hampton Bay fan online. The challenge though is there’s so many websites out there that provide false click areas, and make it downright challenging to actually obtain the manual for the fan. The page is titled to your ceiling fan, and says the manual is available, but many sites don’t actually have the file, or the link is broken from years of someone not updating the website and keeping content and files up to date. We don’t believe in misleading site visitors here or saying we have manuals when we don’t.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals

Below we have posted as many of the Hampton Bay ceiling fan manuals as we can find. If there is a specific ceiling fan that you are looking for, please let us know and we will do our best to find the PDF manual that you require. We’re slowly adding more manuals to the site. We’ve also added a menu to the top of the page – so the links below to the manuals will be removed at some point, as the manuals will be accessible through the top menu instead. Just scroll over the “ceiling fan manuals” entry in the top menu to find the manual that you need.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manual

What kind of information will I find in my manual?

Great question – the ceiling fan manual can be an informative resource. Here are all the things you can expect to find in your manual:

  • Troubleshooting information – are you having a problem with your Hampton Bay fan? Do you need help with diagnosing a Hampton Bay ceiling fan problem?
  • Package contents – what was in the box when I purchased my ceiling fan?
  • Parts list or parts guide – with part numbers on the most common replacement parts needed
  • Contact numbers to use, when you need to obtain support from the manufacturer
  • Warranty information – what kind of warranty do I have with the purchase of my Hampton Bay fan?
  • Safety precautions – these are generally at the start of the manual. This includes things like how to not shock yourself, safety warnings to follow to stay safe and more.

I can’t find the manual for my Hampton Bay fan. Can you help me?

Yes, we can help. If you know the make and model of your fan, fill out the comment form at the bottom of this page and let us know what manual you need. We’ll get it added to the website, and let you know once it’s been added by replying to you comment.

If you cannot find the make and model of your fan and you need help, read this article on figuring out what ceiling fan model you have. This article will walk you through identifying the make and model of your fan. Once you have this information, you can request the manual you need for your fan.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals – Download

Hampton Bay Carlsbad Ceiling Fan 1. Hampton Bay Carlsbad Ceiling Fan

The Carlsbad is a 52 inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan, that comes equipped with a light kit and a remote as part of the standard items that come in the box. The fan is very affordably priced at approximately $110 USD at the time of this writing.

Hampton Bay Carlsbad Ceiling Fan Manual

Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan2. Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan

The Carriage House is also a ceiling fan with a 52 inch blade span. This fan also features a brushed nickel finish, again like the above fan. The attached light kit has four lights; the blades are a rosewood cherry blades and are reversible.

Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan Manual

Hampton Bay Clarkston Ceiling Fan3. Hampton Bay Clarkston Ceiling Fan

The Clarkston is a 44 inch ceiling fan, also – you guessed it – with a brushed nickel finish! The integrated light kit has three 50 watt lights/bulbs; the light kit has a frosted white glass finish.

Hampton Bay Clarkston Ceiling Fan Manual

Hampton Bay Vasner Ceiling Fan4. Hampton Bay Vasner Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Vasner has a 52″ blade span, and features a sleek, modern design that is sure to complement any decor.

Hampton Bay Vasner Ceiling Fan Manual

Hampton Bay Tipton Ceiling Fan5. Hampton Bay Tipton Ceiling Fan

The Tipton is a ceiling fan with a 52 inch blade span and an integrated light kit. The blades are of a maple/walnut finish, and the light kit has an appealing frosted and clear glass finish.

Hampton Bay Tipton Ceiling Fan Manual

Hampton Bay Farmington Ceiling Fan6. Hampton Bay Farmington Ceiling Fan

The Farmington Natural Iron Ceiling Fan features a natural iron finish with five reversible black/walnut blades and a 3-speed reversible control so you can easily select the desired speed and direction. The multi-capacitor offers quiet operation, and the quick-install blade system ensures speedy installation.

Hampton Bay Farmington Ceiling Fan Manual

Hampton Bay Cressner Ceiling Fan7. Hampton Bay Cressner Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Cressner is an attractive fan, with five mahogany blades. It is a 60 inch ceiling fan, so the blade span is larger then other fans. This fan also never needs oiling.

Hampton Bay Cressner Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Sussex Ceiling Fan8. Hampton Bay Sussex Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Sussex Ceiling Fan is an attractive and functional addition to any room, offering a combination of style, convenience, and efficient cooling. Its reversible blades, versatile finish, integrated light kit, remote control, and powerful motor make it a standout choice for those looking to enhance both the comfort and aesthetics of their living spaces.

Hampton Bay Sussex Ceiling Fan Manual

Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan9. Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Wentworth ceiling fan is the epitome of both style and functionality. Designed to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your living space, this fan offers a range of features that make it a popular choice among homeowners.

Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan10. Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan

The Windward II is a handsome ceiling fan, with black ceiling fan blades and a silver finish. This fan has a blade span between 50 and 54 inches, depending on the model you purchase. This fan is carried by Home Depot but appears to be unavailable for purchase as of 2023.

Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Cafe Patina Ceiling Fan11. Hampton Bay Caffe Patina Ceiling Fan

Ideal for larger rooms measuring up to 20 feet by 20 feet, this ceiling fan features an impressive 52-inch blade length.

Embrace a variety of d├ęcor styles with the charming Caffe patina finish, while intricate scroll details on the housing bring an alluring grace and attractive beauty.

Hampton Bay Caffe Patina Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Mena Ceiling Fan12. Hampton Bay Mena Ceiling Fan

The Mena has a sleek matte black finish. This fan has a blade span of 54 inches, with a durable construction that can withstand damp conditions such as patios and porches.

Hampton Bay Mena Ceiling Fan


Leave a comment below requesting the manual you need, if you are unable to find the manual you’re looking for.

You can also request other brands then just Hampton Bay, too – we’ll still try to assist, even if it’s another brand. We love to hear from our site visitors. If you’re having another issue not related to finding a manual, please browse to the requisite page that is pertinent in order to post a comment there that is more relevant. For example, if you’re looking for a Hampton Bay capacitor, fan blade or other part, browse to the page for each specific part and post a comment to that page of what you are looking for.

We can understand that finding the manual for your fan is always a very helpful task. The manual will have installation instructions, as well as troubleshooting advice.

24 comments on “Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals

  1. Hi have a ceiling fan that barely bumps when I turn it on also It’s remote is missing.
    The upc is 792145351269
    Model # AG-537
    SN 010071
    Can you send me a manual and your thoughts on what could be wrong.
    The light works fine.

    • Hi there, what do you mean by barely bumps when you turn it on?
      We will look for this model number and update you soon.

    • Hi there,
      Is this the Redington IV ceiling fan? This is what we find when looking for that ceiling fan model

  2. I have a Hampton Bay model 71608 with remote. When the fan is on, the light cannot be turned off and remains at a dim setting which is not suitable for nighttime use. Please trouble shot this problem. I have the same fan in another room and the light does go off.

  3. We have a celling fan with light. Model number AG-537 SN: 003609. The remote is lost. Can we run the fan with out the remote? If not can we order a remote from you?

  4. I have 2 Hampton Bay outdoor Ceiling Fan Remotes and 2 fans.
    Model: Fan-HD
    Serial Numbers: 26015 and 28430

    Ceiling Fans:
    Model No: 52A4H4L 120 volt 50 hz
    Lights work and dim with Remote 28430 but fan does not rotate.

    Remote 26015’s light does not work even after battery change.
    The fan’s lights come (related to remote 26015) on when I click on the wall light switch and fan automatically rotates on slow for 5 minutes then stops.

    I think I need one remote and two motors.. Please send me your advice.
    Thank you

  5. It there any type of speed adjustment besides the pull cord. I want to reduce low speed to slow a little more for heat in winter mode
    Thank You

  6. Looking for an old manual for the Lindhurst 52″ which was flush mounted. UPC 082392510916, model number 52-CCT. It has another number which may be a serial number, 0053450. Installed before 1996.

  7. Hi – I have a Hampton Bay YG-178 (SKU# 503-390) 52″ Hugger Ceiling Fan and I was hoping to find a manual for it. We de-installed it a while ago and its going back into operation. Also the unit made a low humming sound when operating. Is there a way to address that? a lube or spray? there is no vibration, unit spins freely and smoothly just makes a hum

  8. I need a manual and a replacement pull cord fan speed switch for an older Hampton Bay fan (with light kit):
    The model number of the fan is AC 552 CH WHT PB
    The UPC of the fan is 718167005171
    The serial number of the fan is JGH 4652310.
    ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION YOU CAN PROVIDE ME ON THIS FAN WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED because I have a second fan in another room that looks to be the same age and model number.

    In case you cannot read the information from the photo of the switch which needs replaced, it is is a WELL TEC switch, part (or patent) number E116997, WTC-1, four wires with 3 speeds with an OFF position

    As I am sure you undoubtedly know, the newer model generic universal switches will not work in this application when using the original wiring configuration of :

    Grey connected to #1
    Brown connected to #2
    Black connected to #3
    Purple connected to “L”

    thank you in advance for your help and consideration

  9. Hello–I need a Hampton Bay Callaway II manual. Need to know what kind of light bulbs it needs and need to find out more detail on how the remote is supposed to work. Thank you!

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