Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Wiring

The first thing to note about Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Wiring, is that the wires are different between a standard fan as compared to a remote control fan. This is the same thing for other brands of ceiling fans as well. The wires from the fan need to match up with the fan housing, which is generally simple enough.

Wiring a Standard Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

For a standard ceiling fan (one that does not have a remote) find the instructions to install and connect the wires below.

Always ensure that you first turn off the power to the outlet box! This means going to the circuit breaker or fuse box and turning off the power completely to the circuit where the fan is connected.

Once that’s done, connect the wires the way you see below:

  • Black wire on fan is fan supply wire
  • Blue wire is light supply wire
  • Black and blue wires on fan are twisted together with black wire from house wiring
  • White wire twisted with white house wire
  • Green wire from fan twisted with green conductor house wire
Hampton Bay Wiring Diagram
What we talk about in this article is wiring up the fan receiver so that it’s in line with the fan. You can see this illustrated in this Hampton Bay wiring diagram.

Wiring a Hampton Bay Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Wiring up a remote control ceiling fan is not a lot different, however the receiver on the fan needs to be wired up in line with the fan itself. This means that power and ground from the house wires not only power the fan, but power the receiver so that the receiver can obtain instructions from the fan remote and use those instructions to power the fan or light kit on or off.

  • Blue wire from fan twisted with blue wire from receiver
  • Black wire on fan twisted with black wire on receiver
  • White wire on fan twisted with white wire on receiver
  • Secure wire connections with wire nuts
  • Secure nuts with black electrical tape
  • Next step, twist black and blue wires from receiver together with black house wire
  • Twist white wire from reciever together with white house wire
  • Green ground wire from fan with green grounding conductor house wire
  • Secure each set of wires with a wire nut
  • Cover nuts with black electrical tape