Hampton Bay Support Phone Numbers

So, how can I get in touch with Hampton Bay support? What is the phone number I call? We can help with this question. Below we have provided the phone numbers that we’ve been able to find, in terms of obtaining Hampton Bay technical support.

Being able to talk to a human these days is always difficult. It’s never easy to get someone on the other side of the phone to listen. Who wants to talk to a machine, right? In this day and age it can become frustrating to try and gain support from a human. Below we have listed whatever phone numbers we have been able to find for Hampton Bay customer support. If you find other numbers and would like to let us know about them, please do leave a comment or contact us to let us know.

Hampton Bay technical support phone number: 1-855-434-2678

This is the same number listed below in the Home Depot FAQ. The hours in which you can obtain support are Monday – Friday 8 AM – 7 PM EST, as well as Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM EST. This phone number will go to Home Depot support, who provide support and assistance for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans.

Here is a link to a FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – on the Home Depot website also. This FAQ helps to answer some of the following questions:

  • What is my warranty on my Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?
  • What information do I need when calling for support?
  • What if I don’t have my receipt from when I purchased my Hampton Bay fan?
  • What if the motor doesn’t turn?
  • Why does my fan wobble?

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  1. Hampton Bay ceiling fan model 14924
    how to change light bulb?

    can a brighter bulb be installed What r Spec limits

    can u send me a manual? my installer tossed it!

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