How do I find my ceiling fan model?

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Do you need to find the model number of your Hampton Bay fan? It is often a challenge, where you want to get help with your ceiling fan (even if it’s not a Hampton Bay fan) and you need to know the model. Having the model number or the model name will help you to replace a part, get troubleshooting help or sometimes warranty support. It’s a basic piece of information that’s needed in most situations where you need general help with your ceiling fan.

With that being said, there are a few different ways to find the model number for your fan:

  • The first way is to locate the manual that came with your fan. If you can’t find the manual, we do have a page where you can take a look for your manual. However, this can become a catch 22 because to find the manual you need for your fan online, you of course need to know the model.
  • The other place you can find the model number is the outside of the box that the fan came in.
  • Another place to look is on the fan itself. If you have a fan that is mounted with a downrod (this is most fans), there would be an identifying sticker on the top of the motor housing. This means it is actually facing towards the ceiling. A mirror or a phone camera is good to capture the model number. You can then plug the model number into a major search engine, and you’ll find the name of that model as well from searching.
  • Check the remote control. The remote may have a model number. Take a look inside of the back (like inside of the battery compartment). Check all around the remote to see if you can find a label with the model number. Usually, you can find a label on the remote or inside of the remote.
  • The blades could potentially have model numbers or other information printed on.

Post a picture of your ceiling fan for assistance determining the model

If all else fails, and you really have no idea what model of fan you have – send us a picture. You can do so by filling out the comment form and requesting support. Provide us a picture, along with any other details you my have about the fan – where it was purchased, how long ago; the brand or model that you think the fan is but aren’t sure, etc. We’ll take all of the details you provide to us, and do our best to locate your fan. It’s possible we may be able to help identify the fan that you have, and then it’s off to the races. We can help you to then find the manual for that fan, assuming that’s what you’re looking for in this regard.

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  1. I need to identify the model of the Hampton Bay fan that was installed when we bought our house. I have photos of the fan but need to know to which email address I should send them. The fan, incidentally, was purchased in early 2021, is 52″ with a brushed nickel finish. Blades are solid silver on one side and silver-toned woodgrain on the other. Many thanks.

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