How to Register Hampton Bay Warranty

If you’re looking to register your Hampton Bay warranty, we can help you on this page. The way to register your fan is you need to fill out the warranty registration card and mail it in within ten days of purchase. If you have missed the ten days to register, or you’re not sure if your fan has ever been registered, there is a phone number you can call on the card for customer service. It is understandable that ten days is not doable for everyone

Please note we are not the manufacturer, nor do we have any relationship with Home Depot or other major retailers. We are simply providing a link to the warranty card here in order to assist site visitors.

There is no address on the warranty card to return to. You may have to call the toll free number on the card. This number should connect you with customer service at Home Depot. Please post a comment to let us know if this information was helpful, or that customer service was not helpful when you called them. We would like to hear from our site visitors to understand the challenges that you may be running into in terms of obtaining support and warranty assistance.

Click here to obtain the Hampton Bay warranty registration card

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