How to wire 3 speed fan switch

Below we talk about how to wire a 3 speed fan switch on a Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

Understanding 3-Speed Fan Switches with 3 Wires

Some 3-speed fan switches come equipped with three wires. However, it’s important to note that there are also 4-wire variants, although they won’t be covered here.

Replacing a 3-way pull-chain switch isn’t always a straightforward task. To ensure compatibility, it’s crucial to test both the old and new switches.

To compare the switches, utilize a multi-meter or continuity tester, as illustrated in the accompanying image.

Key Switch Differences:

  1. Different 3-way fan switches may have variances, specifically in the number of wires—either 3 or 4. While each switch has one hot wire, the other two or three wires on the switch may differ between models.
  2. Consider this example: Connect power to the hot wire. With the switch in the off position, pulling the chain for high speed may result in power flowing from the hot wire to just one wire or potentially two wires, depending on the switch.
  3. For medium speed, power may flow to just one wire or two different wires, and for low speed, power typically flows from the hot wire to just one wire.

Testing Procedure:

  1. To start testing, identify the hot wire. Only one wire should show continuity to all other wires as you cycle through pulling the chain.
  2. Once the hot wire is determined, use a multi-meter or continuity tester to identify the sequence of wires that receive power each time the chain is pulled.
  3. Repeat the same test on the old switch or use deduction to narrow down the possibilities.
  4. Take note of how the old switch was connected and map the changeover to the new switch. If the old and new switches are not the same, they may not function properly.

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