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If you have found a ceiling fan part on the website that you’d like to buy, but can’t find a way to purchase it, please use this page to let us know what part you’re looking for. If you saw the part on the site, please provide the name of the part and what page you found it on. We will reply to your inquiry, and let you know the total cost of the part needed. If you would like to move forward, we will send you a payment link. Once we receive payment, we will ship your item.

For the sake of privacy, we ask that you don’t provide us any credit card numbers or etc. in the below form. Don’t provide any form of payment here. Just provide your name, e-mail address and the part you need below. If you know the part number great.

I’m looking for a specific Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze part (or other brand) and can’t find it on your website. What should I do?

In this case, please leave a comment. To do this, browse to the page which is most relative to your request. For example, if you’re looking for a specific Hampton Bay replacement blade, browse to the replacement blade page and then post a comment there of the part you are looking for.

If you know the part you need, and you prefer just to purchase it, fill out the form below instead. What we will do is search for the part you need, and e-mail you back to let you know if we were able to find it or not.

Finally, be advised that sometimes we drop ship items directly to you from third parties. This is because we don’t have every part on hand (that would require millions of dollars worth of inventory, which we simply don’t have). This generally is not a concern, but because of this we cannot honor returns for reasons such as you no longer want the item after shipping. We will only process a return if there is something wrong with the item you received e.g if the item is damaged or does not work.

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    • Hi Norma, thanks for posting your question about model AC5520D. When we research this Hampton Bay model, what we find is the Hampton Bay Barrow Island ceiling fan. This fan is an all white fan with no remote – it has a pullchain. It does not have a light kit either and is relatively inexpensive – $120 USD. Is this the correct fan?

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