Hampton Bay Ashby Park Ceiling Fan

The Ashby Park ceiling fan has a 52 inch blade span. The fan has a flush mount design. This means it works well in rooms that have lower ceiling fans. If you are mounting into a room with a higher ceiling, or vault ceiling, you may want to look for a different fan. This fan has an integrated LED light kit, as part of the fan. This is helpful as the fan essentially functions as an “all-in-one.” The fan also has a remote control, which is helpful because as you know, not all fans come with a remote control these days!

Ashby Park – Matte white ceiling fan

The Ashby Park features a matte white finish, which isn’t always appealing to everyone. If you have an all white room, or the matte white finish works for your decor, then that’s great! Personally, I don’t really like matte white fans, but everyone’s different. The light shade also has a frosted white glass finish, so everything is very matte white indeed! Matte white is really a preference – it’s up to you if it works for your color scheme or not. Home Depot says the blades are a “gray washed oak” finish, but they don’t look gray – just more white!

Matte White Hampton Bay Ashby Park Ceiling Fan
I can’t really say I’m a fan of the matte white finish. If you feel the same way, take a look at the other Ashby Park fan below. The only downside is the one below, although better looking, is a smaller fan with a shorter blade span.

The Ashby Park is an indoor fan only, so we wouldn’t recommend trying to use it outdoors.

Ashby Park 44 Inch Ceiling Fan

OK, so there is an alternative to the matte white finish fan! Thank goodness. The 44 inch variant has a more appealing brushed nickel finish on the base, and the blades are more attractive as well. Again, maybe you like the matte white option – totally your call, we won’t dislike you if you do choose that one! We promise.

At the time of this writing, this fan is not available on Amazon.com. Amazon carries it but there is no stock at any of the sellers (for this particular 44 inch model).

Hampton Bay 44 Inch Ashby Park Ceiling Fan
OK, so here’s the 44 inch version of the Ashby Park fan – this one does not have a matte white finish. Thank goodness! Whoops, we didn’t say that.

The above fan is also available in a 52 inch variant. At the time of this writing, the cost of the 52 inch variant at Home Depot in the USA is $149.00 and there is availability of stock.