Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Replacement Globe

It’s one of those things that we dread. You’re up there on a chair or a ladder in order to reach the ceiling fan. You reach up to take the next screw out, and smash! That globe you were trying to pull down from over a light falls through your fingers and smashes on the floor. This is actually a more common problem then you’d think. It happens to many homeowners when changing a glass globe (or shade). It does not have to be a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan globe either – it could happen with any ceiling fan. So what do you do, when your ceiling fan globe falls and smashes on the ground?

Well, you’ll have to replace it. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. This begins your journey to find a replacement glass globe. Finding one that is the same part number as the one you already have (so a first party Harbor Breeze glass globe from the manufacturer) generally means you need to reach out to Harbor Breeze customer support. Be familiar with the model number of your fan before you call – you’ll likely be asked for this piece of information.

How do I measure my existing fan for a replacement globe?

This is a great question, and since many homeowners wind up having to buy an aftermarket ceiling fan replacement globe, it’s an important one as well. In order to measure to see what size globe you need on your fan, measure the diameter of the mounting ring. This is to make sure that the globe will fit inside. Once you have that measurement, look for a globe with a slightly smaller diameter so it can be held in place, e.g. a few millimeters smaller or fractions of an inch (a half inch or one whole inch is probably too big).

Where can I find a replacement Harbor Breeze Glass Globe?

Walmart.com – does not appear to carry Harbor Breeze glass globes. They provide many replacement remote controls on their website, but not glass globes

Home Depot – Home Depot does carry replacement glass globes for the following Harbor Breeze models:

  • Springview 52 Inch Replacement Frosted White Glass Bowl
  • Windward IV Ceiling Fan Replacement Glass Bowl
  • Windward 44 inch Replacement Globe
  • Southwind Replacement Glass Globe

Wayfair – Wayfair does not carry Harbor Breeze products

Ebay – Ebay does have a number of replacement glass globes available. E-bay is a good resource for this sort of thing. On many sites like Wayfair, Walmart, etc. you’ll find them on Google when searching for Harbor breeze parts, but then you get to their website and they don’t have any replacement parts actually available nor do they have any listed. That’s frustrating when that happens. Although many parts, such as replacement glass globes (like you see below) may be not in new condition, they are findable on E-bay which is great.

Harbor Breeze Centerville Replacement Glass Globe
Finding replacement glass globes for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan can be a challenge. This is an example of a replacement globe that we found on E-bay.

Amazon – When looking for Harbor Breeze replacement globes on Amazon, for the most part you can find aftermarket globes. The term aftermarket means that they are not from the first party manufacturer, or the same part numbers that are from the factory. Hence the terms are factory and aftermarket. Finding out whether the aftermarket globes will be compatible with your existing fan is always the question site visitors have, and one that we attempt to help answer for you on this page.