Hampton Bay EF200DA-52 – What ceiling fan is this?

We have had several site visitors ask us about the Hampton Bay EF200DA-52 ceiling fan. The question we often get is, what ceiling fan is this? How do I get replacement parts for this ceiling fan?

Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan
The Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan – which has model number EF200DA-52. The 52 part is for the 52 inch blade span. Many site visitors look for this particular model number, however they don’t realize it’s for the Hayward fan. Often site visitors are looking for replacement parts for this fan, or for the manual that we have below for you to download if needed.

Answer: We have found when searching for the model number EF200DA-52, that this represents a Hayward ceiling fan. The 52 is for 52 inches, which is the blade span of the Hayward. We have a page for the Hampton Bay Hayward ceiling fan, where you can also find replacement part numbers for this fan as well. Often times, site visitors may be looking for the model number mentioned but not aware of the fan is a Hayward. Does your fan look like the image above? The model number matches up then, and you can rest assured this is a Hayward fan.

Hampton Bay EF200DA-52 Ceiling Fan Manual

If you are looking for the ceiling fan manual for this model fan, we can help. We have a download link to this manual below. The manual is a useful place to find information about the fan, such as installation, general troubleshooting, part numbers and more. If you are having a problem with your fan, and you’re looking for technical support or other, we’re happy to assist. Please fill out the comments box at the bottom of this page, and let us know how we can assist you with your Hampton Bay Hayward ceiling fan or other fan related issue.

Click here to download the Hampton Bay EF200DA-52 ceiling fan manual