Hampton Bay Princeton Ceiling Fan

We have searched high and low for the Hampton Bay Princeton ceiling fan. Unfortunately we have not been able to locate anyone who sells the fan or be able to provide parts for it. Home Depot sold this fan; some of the reviews you find online date the fan around 1998 in terms of manufacture. Generally, fans that were sold as Hampton Bay during this time were manufactured by SMC. One way to tell the fan is made by SMC is to look at the blades as well. SMC generally opted for blade tips that are a little rounded. SMC used this style of fan blades.

The Princeton’s light kit featured 5 lights, that could be used with a three way pull chain. In this way you could control the lights in different patterns, whether you only wanted the middle light on, the outside lights on, etc. Because of this three way pull chain, a dimmer switch or dimming capability generally was not needed.

Hampton Bay Princeton Ceiling Fan
The Princeton Ceiling Fan – it can be an acquired taste. Not saying it’s ugly to look at – but it may not be for everyone.

This fan features a short downrod. The downrod had kind of a strange design, as a speculation it may had been something Home Depot requested at the time for SMC to manufacture to spec and likely the design changed after. This may be one of the reasons why it’s more difficult to find a Princeton fan today, because some of the manufacturing was unique and different for it’s time. For example, the 5 light kit with three way dimming and the unique globes for each light. Many of the Princeton fans had a brass light kit, as well which is heavier in construction.

Here is a Princeton ceiling fan, to see what they look like. The one pictures in this video has four blades and 4 lights as well, as opposed to the five light variant we spoke of above. it also has a red finish whereas some of the Princeton fans you find when searching, feature a white finish.

Sometimes site visitors look for certain parts for their Princeton ceiling fan. For example, we had a site visitor looking for fan/light unit model 391-022 or 778-848. The technical response answer to this is there should likely be two wires connected to the switch. There should be a matching two wires (or no more then two wires) that are connected. It’s a good idea to check this before buying a new switch.