Hampton Bay Renaissance Ceiling Fan – Light fixture popped

We have had a Hampton Bay Renaissance II model # 129857 installed for about 5 years. Suddenly, the light fixture popped, and a new light kit is needed-is it worth searching for a new light kit, or should we pursue the “lifetime Warranty” that Hampton Bay offers?

This question was asked by a site visitor recently. It’s certainly a valid question. From what we read about the Hampton Bay warranty, it does not cover the light kit. The warranty covers the motor for the lifetime, but that’s all. None of the other parts carry a lifetime warranty. If you recently bought the fan, you may be able to return it or if the fan is less than a year old you can pursue the warranty to some degree. However, if the fan is older than a year; the issue likely won’t be covered.

Hampton Bay Renaissance Ceiling Fan
The Hampton Bay Renaissance Ceiling Fan is difficult to find. When searching online, even the major retailers do not seem to carry the fan at this time. With that being said, finding parts for the Hampton Bay Renaissance Ceiling Fan also seems to be difficult as well. That’s why we recommend contacting Home Depot, or Hampton Bay technical support via phone as it’s just not possible to find parts for this fan, it seems.

We encourage you to reach out to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to confirm; hopefully they’ll help you out. In terms of finding a replacement light fixture, you’d likely have to go through them anyways. You can also try reaching out to Hampton Bay’s technical support phone number and they will assist you.